Winning is a process!

Learning to do the same thing over and over can seem boring, but not when you make money doing it. Learning to use options is a process and learning the process can increase your 401K balances throughout the year. Last week we again had a full week of winners. It is the process that tells us to stay with our winners. We are selling the SLB $35.50 11/29 PUTS. We are looking to get .20 to .25 cents per share this week.  If we are PUT the stock we’ll be in it below the $35.50 mark.  We believe the stock will continue to float and provide continued option income. As many are rushing online and to the mall we are aware of expectations, so we are looking to those firms that profit from the event itself, such as FB and its advertising.  We are buying FB here at $200 and selling the 11/29 $200 calls for $2.00. A 1% return for the week. This puts us in the stock at $198, however we expect that by the end of the week you’ll be called away.

All investing involves risk, so Options Dojo can make no warranties or guarantees regarding our Sensei’s selections.  Invest with an awareness of your skills, experience and risk tolerance.  Options are not suitable for all investors and people can and do lose money.

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