Financial freedom-within reach.…

Options Dojo is dedicated to making financial success and even financial freedom possible for its members through our strategy of “a little bit more.” At Options Dojo we practice, trade and teach time-tested simple and practical option trading strategies. Our strategy of “a little bit more” allows you the freedom to set the trade in place and go enjoy your day. We are not about daytrading or spending all day monitoring the market. We do not make claims of “1533.33%” returns. We are about successful trades.  We are about adding to your existing performance with significant gains.  We use proven, conservative strategies and our members are generally conservative investors looking to generate cash flow while keeping capital preservation a priority. We are here to help you learn and effectively use our strategies and techniques to enhance performance, protect your portfolio and add significant upside each month.

As Sensei I have been an options principal and financial advisor for 40 years and have taught hundreds of clients how to enhance performance through preservation, growth and added income to their equity portfolios.  Successful options trading is an art as well as a science and like any talent, it takes time to become proficient. We can give you a step up on that path. We here at Options Dojo are dedicated to your success and we are here to put our experience to work for you.

Our Mission Is To Help You Trade Better.