Ouch That Hurt

The market had a bad week and now investors are waiting on the FED.  WE at optionsdojo have take the approach that the market is oversold. Yes, oil is down substantially, however in many ways that is good for the common house-hold.  As more and more people use the NET we are seeing greater traffic and search.  I still see GOOG as the king of search.  The Christmas season brings lots of searches as many are looking for the best prices.  IN addition FB has been slapped around this week and more and more people are using FB, as well as expansion into India. Here is the CALL.  WE usually like to take the other side and SELL calls, HOWEVER we have taken an aggressive approach today and bought CALLS on DIS,FB, GOOD, and the SPY.  We believe next week will be a rebound week and profits are likely.  WE caution you NOT to play in this arena if you cannot afford to lose the premium.  We used calls as to limit our downside if we’ve got it wrong and to maximize our profits if right.

As always consult your advisor before investing of any kind. Options are not suitable for all investors and people can and do lose money.

P.S we bought at the money calls to take advantage of any movement upward.

Monday, February 1, 2016 and GOOG beats earnings expectations, it is up 7% after market close.  Our Sensei has called this one right!!!!!

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