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Congratulations you are one step closer to trading with the Sensei. With his help you will be able to build a trading system to provide consistent income for you and your family. Your membership includes access to all of our videos and blog posts. If you are a new member please go to our basic training area to review the basics. We are glad your here. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask the Sensei. 

Getting Started
The getting started section allows you to go back to basics. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a complete newb, its always good to get fundamentals under your belt. Even professional football players in the NFL practice the fundamentals every day. So get started with learning the basic fundamentals of options!

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Beginner Section
The basic section will give you a fundamental understanding of Options. Only two types of options exist, calls and puts.  The combinations have names but your goal is to understand the basic fundamentals. Our Sensei breaks it down so that a high school freshman can understand them. The basic section includes previous trades and easy to follow examples on how, when, and why you want to use options.

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Advanced Section
The advanced section provides options strategies that provide multiple opportunities to make money no matter which way the market moves. In the advanced section we cover the A-Z portfolio of option trading. We will covering the Greeks, the detailed analysis used in big dollar option trading, and using other people’s money to increase your portfolio’s returns.  The advanced section is for those option traders that can afford to be the bank. Our Sensei believes in winning trades and hedging is part of this strategy. You’ll learn to minimize losses and turn them into gains with proven strategies.

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Educational Section
The educational section allows you to explore the fundamentals and advanced option trading techniques needed to make you the next Sensei.  Even the Pro athlete uses a coach and the educational section is designed in a coaching format. We encourage you to post your thoughts and questions regarding any of the posts. Our Sensei is constantly updating each section to give you actual situations that related to today’s markets.

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