So what do we offer?

As a premium Black Belt member you will look over the shoulder of the Sensei to follow his trades. Two to four times a week you will receive a timely SMS notification (when opted in) with the actionable trades the Sensei is trading that day. You’ll get his in-depth analysis of why, when and how to make the trade, along with insightful comments about market direction and any other financial movers of the day or week backed up by his 40 years of market experience.

This will allow you to go to your trading platform of choice, make the trade and go about your business. No hours spent monitoring the news or the market; the Sensei is on it. You’ll receive immediate notifications if your position needs to be adjusted or closed.

The Sensei trades with consistent percentage gains in mind. We do not make claims of high-percentage gains or get-rich-quick schemes. The Sensei sells more options than he buys with the intent of collecting premium from theta rather than guessing which way the underlying will move. We target consistent small gains that have low risk profiles, are easy to exit when needed and that do not require constant monitoring.  Those small gains add up fast.

You will watch over the Sensei’s shoulder and learn by following along. As well as guiding your trades the Sensei will teaching the art and science of options trading. We understand that some of our subscribers will soon learn enough to feel comfortable making their own trades. That is terrific. We are here to facilitate your financial freedom. But for those who just do not have the time or inclination to make that jump, trading with the Sensei is a perfect solution for those who would like to harvest that additional profit.

We are confident that our Black Belt level membership will be earned back every month you trade with the Sensei. So confident, in fact, that we will refund your subscription for any month in which you follow our trade guidelines and do not make your monthly subscription fee.  (We’ve never had to issue a refund.)

Black Belt Membership offers live trading notifications from the Sensei as he identifies and makes trades, as well as up to the minute commentary on the day’s market moves, along with everything that a Green Belt membership offers.

Green Belt Membership is always free and you can upgrade anytime to unlock our live trades. You will have access to all the archived trading notes and educational blogs, as well as receiving the Sensei’s latest trades two weeks delayed. This will allow you to follow along and learn. When you are ready to move up to Black Belt status one click will take you there.  Start building wealth today!