Wonder more about what Options Dojo Does? Here is an FAQ for you to find more info and get some of your questions answered.

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I am totally new to options trading where should I begin?

I suggest that you begin by going to our site and reading the past posts for beginners and education.  You can also go the www.optionseducation.org, this site offers some great educational pieces.

I would also suggest that you play the game without investing. In other words try your hand at selecting option trades and see how your performance goes.  We make it easy as we give the suggestions and updates on a regular basis

How much does Options Dojo cost?

The present costs of Options Dojo is $39.00 per month with no future commitment. The real question is how much are you losing by not utilizing your investment opportunities.

What is included in an Options Dojo membership?

Your membership consists of constant education on strategies, as well a minimum of two calls and two puts per month. We select both covered calls and puts for maximum performance. We also use strategies such as collars, using both calls and puts together to protect, or generate income. The Sensei also gives updates on any open positions and closing trades we deem necessary.  We give direction to the conservative and aggressive investor.

What is the minimum account starting balance you suggest?

The minimum account size should be at least $25,000 for covered calls and put writing, and at least $10,000 for call buying. The most conservative strategy is covered calls. We encourage a portfolio balance and believe in not playing where your investment tolerance won’t allow.

Can I be successful trading with a small account?

You can be successful with a small account. The key is to play where you can afford. For example many stocks sell for under $20 and have calls available for you to sell against your position. The minimum option is 1 contract, this cover 100 shares of stock or ETF. You may also find companies that pay dividends and allow calls against them, thus giving you the opportunity to increase your yields.

I currently have a full time job, how much time do I need to focus on trading options to make it profitable for me?

At Options Dojo we do the footwork for you.  It does not require a lot of time to create additional income, hedge your portfolio, and maximize your potential.  The membership forum gives you educational experiences and investment ideas to suit both small and large portfolio’s.

How many trades will you recommend on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?

The number of trades depends on the opportunities provided by the market, as well as the size of your account. Obviously a larger account allows greater diversification. In addition some stock have weekly options available and some do not.

What is an average amount of time do you hold a trade position?

The amount of time we hold a position has to do with our target return.  Now mature members that look for added income generally stagger their portfolio’s maturities.  For example AAPL has a 3% dividend and we may look at a 90 ay call for another 3%.  By staggering maturities we have the opportunity to re-write the calls and generate additional premiums as well as adjust the target prices.

What trading platform(s) do you recommend?

You must have a platform that allows you to trade without high fees. One of the firms we suggest is Interactive Brokers, a low cost online broker. You can trade stocks and options for as little as $1.00 per trade