Bite Me!

It is important to NOT bit off more then you can chew. It is for this reason we are buying the AAPL  July, 24 132 Calls for $3.25 and selling the July 24, 34 Calls for $2.30.  This means we have .95 cents in the trade.  Our max profit is $2.00 minus .95 or $1.05 per share.  Not bad, this would be a 100% return.  We believe the risk it worth the reward.

For the more conservative investor we are selling calls against our AAPL position.  We have bought some AAPL at $131.09 and sold the July 24, $132 at $2.78. This is a max profit of $3.69 per share if called away. That is a roughly a 2.80% return for a short period of time.  If not called away our new cost basis is $128.31 and we are comfortable at that price hold for later this year.

As always, consult your financial professional before investing of any kind. People can and do lose money.