Call me when you have a lower price. T

If you look at AT-T, we find the company selling at below 6 times earnings. They have not adjust their dividend, which exceeds the fed funds rate by 2.50%. So we are taking the history of AT-T to heart as well.  As many of the lines that provide both cable and phone are owned by this giant. VZ is selling aat 8 times earnings with a slightly lower dividend. We see T selling at it’s yearly low and the market trying to find a bottom. We don’t often see companies at this low EPS ratio. It is for this reason we are giving some room for this firm to rebound. The stock is currently at it’s lowest price in five years.

We are selling the December 28, 27 put. If we wind up owning the stock we are  then going to sell a leap against the position at 27 and look for a double digit return during 2019.

As always consult your advisor before investing of any kind. options are not suitable for all investors and people can and do lose money. Optionsdojo does offer any warranties or guarantees regarding our suggestions.

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