Call Me unsexy.

If you own a cell phone you’ve heard of VZ or Verizon. As a customer of VZ I’ve been happy with coverage all over the country. I have the ability to tether, as well as mobile modem. As 5G comes into play I think you’ll be happy to own VZ in the future. It is for this reason we are selling the May 31, $59 Put. We will be receiving .50 in premium, this places us in the stock at $58.50. VZ has a 4+% dividend and will not be affected by the trade war. VZ can be a good long term position. If the stock is PUT to us we can continue to sell covered calls to raise our yield.

All investing involves risk, so Options Dojo can make no warranties or guarantees regarding our Sensei’s selections.  Invest with an awareness of your skills, experience and risk tolerance.  Options are not suitable for all investors and people can and do lose money.

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