Best In Show, the bulldog.

When you are picking team members you want the best available at the time. Now no guarantee that if you draft the best player that they will perform, however the odds are usually in your favor. It is for this reason we are looking at JPM, selling the December 6, 129 PUTS. We have a slight pullback this morning and we believe in JPM long term. We are also seeing some movement in FB, still a major player in the acquisition of information, especially all the advertising over the holidays, so we are selling the December 6, 195 puts. We have seen BA come down some but we believe the holiday travels will add to many bottom lines, so we are also selling the December 6,  352.50 Puts. You may ask why all puts at the moment, well we want the stocks we like to come to us. Being up above 28,000 on the DOW we are patient investors. Keep abreast of any changes during the week. As numbers come in from the shopping holiday we will take advantage of big moves either way.

All investing involves risk, so Options Dojo can make no warranties or guarantees regarding our Sensei’s selections.  Invest with an awareness of your skills, experience and risk tolerance.  Options are not suitable for all investors and people can and do lose money.

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