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Listen And Learn

When I was a young man I thought I had plenty to say. As I matured I realized that listening to those who have been there can be profitable. If you’ve ever tried to hang crown molding without advice you know what I’m talking about. At Optionsdojo our mission is to educate the investor so […]

Investment Self Defense

Don’t forget that a good defense can win a game. In other words remember that using options in a defensive nature can help cushion a downturn in the market. One of the useful techniques is called a collar. In this case you sell and out of the money call and you buy a PUT.  If […]

Keep an Eye OUR FEYE

FEYE has been on fire lately, it has been a long time coming.  Sensi did suggest the buy at $15.30 and selling the January 19, calls.  Winner Winner

Contrarian, possibly the way to go.

When prices are low, that is when you buy protection.  As the market seems to be trading in a tight range, what will be next?  We prefer to be protected on the downside, so we are buying protection.  When you buy a PUT, you are protecting your downside and so if the market stays flat […]

Make Money From Enthusiasm

The covered call does several things for the conservative investor. It first provides income that can be used to lower your cost basis, in addition the selling of the call provides some protection.  So as we discuss this topic look at the current market. We have seen a sharp rise in the market as so […]

Beating but not Dead

VRX has been crushed and our Sensei believes we have a great play.  WE are buying VRX at $22.25 and selling the Jan 2018 $22.50 call for $7.10.  Recently we had some prominent investors say they expect VRX to double over the next two years.   WE are being conservative by selling the calls at the […]

Learn to PRotect your ProfiTS!

As the market seems to be waiting on the outcome of  the election we suggest you learn to protect your profits. One of the ways we do this, is selling COVERED CALLS after earnings.  The covered call provides you some income and hedges your portfolio.  This morning we sold CALLS against FCX as earnings pushed […]

The ARt of the PUT

If you are not familiar with PUTS we suggest that you get familiar.  The PUT can be a valuable tool in managing your risk profile.  The PUT has two sides, the buy side and the sell side. The sell side requires the seller to buy the position at a stated price.  An example would be […]


We previously told our members to buy the December 30, 2016 $219 PUTS on the SPY.  WE are advising you to close them today with a 12% return since our call.  WE believe that you’ll have a chance to re-purchase them at a lower price. Congrats to all of you who bought the PUTS. As […]

Back N Forth or Straight Down?

The question here is, how to take advantage of either situation. WE have discussed in previous posts the advantage of using options but the situation is such, we believe we should review it again.  As you may have noticed the market continues to try and find a direction.  It has moved up and now seems […]