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Is The Bear Growling?

Do you believe we are in a bear market? So what does that mean to your portfolio? In a bear market the equities take the brunt of the downside. In this case we see the NASDAQ down 21% from it’s high, the DOW 17%, and we may have more bleeding before it’s all over. So […]

Stock Replacement Strategy

If you have gotten out of the market and are going to try and time your reentry you may want to consider the following strategy. The stock replacement strategy is for stocks that you want to look at for a long term hold, or simply find them attractive at a much lower price. Let me […]

The Train Will Come Eventually

This is how many investors operate. If you wait long enough the train will arrive. This is a sure way to lost a good portion of your portfolio. If a stock declines 50% it must move up 100% to get even. It is important to limit your losses. This is one of the reasons we […]

Often we need to be told more than once.

TThe object of investing is making money. We all want to increase the values of our portfolio’s. When markets exist that scramble the basic tenants of investing you must learn to look outside the box. This is why we teach others how to use options.   Let us revisit the idea of collars. A collar […]

Can you see beyond your nose?

As we look at the volatility of this market it’s sometimes hard to see beyond today. As we know past performance is no guarantee for future performance. This being said let’s be realistic, investing requires risk be present. One of the biggest errors is entering the market when you cannot afford to and entering in […]

Chip on your shoulder?

NVDA has been pummeled. It is for this reason that we are looking to acquire NVDA under 200 and sell long term calls out to Jan of 19.  The option premiums are bringing 10% or more. AS NVDA is down 30% since the high we believe it’s a good opportunity to enter. For our PUT […]

Are you frightened by the recent downturn?

The use of options to hedge your portfolio is well known to those who have taken the time to learn the efficiencies of hedging a portfolio.  Over the last two weeks was a great time to be using what is known as a collar.  You can sell a CALL and BUY a put with the […]

Can You Play The News?

Beware investors of trying to use news as to momentum. On Friday TSLA blew up as everyone thought MUSK was out. Your Sensei was all over that and addressed the issue with staff. WE did not buy PUTS as our public was suspecting.  As with Martha Stewart you we suspected that big money would win […]