Are you spending? Are you buying that latte?

The market can be a very emotional ride. If you are not looking at your surroundings to determine what is working, you are missing a sign. The government shutdown will not put us in recession. What are the stimulants? The price of oil is a clear sign. We don’t see inflation in the oil prices, in fact we have seen the price of fuel come down. That is a plus for most truckers, airlines,federal express and many more.

The suggestion here is to dollar cost average over the coming months. If you like a stock like AAPL, GOOG, AMZN, FB, you can sell puts 10-15% off the current price and let the stock come to you. We are using weekly options based on the current market conditions. Give yourself enough room to make a profit.

As always consult your advisor before investing of any kind. Options are not suitable for all investors and people can and do lose money.

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